Statement of Faith

At LCM we believe:
1. The Bible is our source of truth and the written revelation about who God is and what He is about. While we seek to know the truth, we are quite aware that we see “dimly” on this side of heaven. We do not have all the answers and some things are hard to understand. We rest in the fact that God has all the knowledge and wisdom. 

2. God has revealed Himself through the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God. He was born on this earth, lived a sinless life, and was crucified to pay our debt. He is offering Himself to us today as Spiritual Bread. He is our life. He will return again. 

3. God is personally involved with His people through His Spirit- the Holy Spirit. He resides in those who have been made new people. The Holy Spirit gifts and fills Christians in order to bring about maturity in them and to serve others. 

4. People who choose to rebel against God are dead spiritually and have no ability to show love to others. Christians are people who have been made right with God and have the life of God restored in them. They are not made right because of their own goodness or their own will or power. They have been made right because they have acknowledged the bankruptcy of their own spiritual life and have accepted by faith the gift of “rightness” from God. God’s gift was in sending His Son, Jesus, to pay the consequences of our “wrongs”. Jesus did this by dying on the cross. The life of God was restored in us by God raising Jesus from the dead and by sending His Spirit to live within us. 

5. Christians are brand new people- they have a new identity. Believers are accepted by God, secure in His love, and valuable to Him. 

6. Living the Christian life reflects total dependence on God. God is in the supernatural process of changing our life to be more like Him. As we get to know Jesus and depend on Him, Jesus changes us. His truth comes to us primarily through the Bible and His Spirit allows us to understand it. The energy to live the Christian life comes from His Spirit. 

7. We live in a world that is spiritual as well as natural. Satan has a strong grip on the lives of people on earth. God has rescued many from Satan’s grip and is in the process of rescuing others who will trust Him. He invites us to join Him in this ministry.

Lord's Compassion Ministry

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