The Children’s Home in Mafubira

The LightHouse

The children’s home, named the Light House, is located in Mafubira and was established to provide a home and an education to the community’s orphaned children. The centrally-located children’s home is near our land with the 2 clinics and the community church. The children at the LightHouse receive medical care, love, an education, and a safe place to live.

Thank you to Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Walldorf e.V. (a German Organization) for making the children’s home possible. The organization “Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.“ exists to help others help themselves. We help children and families in need all over the world by providing support for specific projects.

After LCM purchased land, the first children’s home was built. LCM also built a playground, latrine, kitchen, and installed 2 water tanks. In April of 2022, LCM began constructing a second building for the children to reside in. We went from helping 16 children to now caring for 41 children, so we need more rooms. Our goal at LCM is to build more houses to serve more children.

“By constructing a building on LCM’s own property, they will no longer have to pay rent and will be able to invest that money into other areas of need in the future. We wish Mr. Lufafa good fortune and success with the construction of the new orphanage and hope the children will enjoy their new home and environment once the project has been completed.” – Barabara Diehm, spokesperson of “Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe“ Walldorf.
The children’s home also has a large garden area, chickens, and cows. The children learn to garden and care for the animals. LCM is able to utilize the milk, eggs, and produce for the children. The children then sell the extra milk, eggs, and produce. The money they earn from sales, they are able to pay for school fees and therefore making the children’s home self-sustainable.

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