Buluuta Community Development – Uganda

Lufafa, nurse and program director in Mafubira, Uganda for LCM, is committed to community development and empowering others to have hope and change their lives. He is also a pastor at his community church. Lufafa was born in Buluuta, Uganda and he is very involved in his community and knows what it takes for development. Lufafa says,
“For the livestock, you need to connect the plants with the animals. Like here (in Mafubira) the commonest cash crop is maize (corn) and the common animals that generate daily income are cows. We want to empower the women of Buluuta so that one group can plant maize and the other group can keep cows. The maize group will plant and during the harvest time that’s after three months. We can help them find a market where they will sell their maize to earn a living. They can also sell the maize husks to this animal group because they enjoy these maize wastes or husks. This can also generate income to the maize group. Once the cows give birth, the animal group will also sell milk to earn the daily income. They can also sell the cow dung to the maize group as fertilizers for the proper maize growth. Both groups can then save this money to pay school fees for their children and meet their daily demands.”
Partner with us to bring income and sustainability to our friends in Buluuta, Uganda by helping us build a demonstration farm!

To learn more about Buluuta and LCM’s community development efforts, please check out this link https://lordscompassionministry.org/buluuta/

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