Lufafa Emmanuel
Founder, Nurse, Pastor, and Program Director
“I am forever grateful for the people who stood with me and provided food, shelter, medical supplies, and school fees to children when we were not yet a nonprofit. Thank you for your compassion and support.”

I established the Mafubira Community Clinic and children’s home due the high mortality rate of orphans who are suffering, starving, and dying without medical care, food, shelter and proper clothing. LCM is aimed at promoting the standard of living of the children in my community and alleviating their suffering. I have a bachelors degree in nursing and have seen first hand how children are suffering. When children are given a chance, they can look to their future with hope and become successful members of their community. A major challenge that hinders our goals is lack of funds to effectively satisfy the needs of the children. The clinic is free of charge for families who are unable to take their children to the government hospital, which at times can be without needed supplies and medicines. I now call upon you with a compassionate heart to partner with us to support children.

The definition of compassion is “concern for the sufferings of others.”

A normal person looks at the suffering of others and feels concern, but Lufafa Emmanuel, Jazmen Draper, and the other helping hands of Lord’s Compassion Ministry (LCM) move because of their concern. Lufafa treats many burn patients and other health issues such as Malaria in Mafubira, Uganda and uses the gifts God has given each of them to reach hurting children. Lufafa specialized in treating burns. People from many different villages know Lufafa and his talent to treat burns.

“When children are given a chance, they can look to their future with hope and become successful members of their community,” said Emmanuel.

Mafubira is near the south of Uganda, right above Lake Victoria . Here is where LCM makes its home. Many are living with health issues, such as the HIV/AIDS virus, and according to the 2016 Avert statistics, 1.4 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda ( While this might seem like just a number on a page, to Emmanuel, he sees himself in the children he cares for.

Emmanuel was plucked by God at a young age to be given the opportunity to study, eat, and receive heath. This grace and compassion was shown to him through a German woman who observed the horrors of his life working as a slave boy and requested he live with her. It was through this woman that Emmanuel came to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Though this woman passed on after Emmanuel finished high school, her daughter a nurse, took her place caring for Emmanuel. It was through this daughter that Emmanuel decided to devote his life to nursing.

Now, Emmanuel has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science from Uganda Christian University and is pastor of his church, Faith Christian Center. He has served in many different hospitals, and that work is what led him to start LCM. He saw the injustices and hardships in the hospital and government system as far as getting adequate medicine to children and families with health issues, and through his compassion, he decided to change this.

“I will not forget the day I received a child with severe malaria who was convulsing, and when we tried to look for the anticonvulsant and other drugs, we completely failed to get any drug and the child passed on in my hands. I had the knowledge on how to save the life of this child but couldn’t help because most government hospitals in Uganda always lack drugs and the private hospitals are for the rich people,” Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel quickly started asking friends on Facebook for donations and contributions as he spent the next 10 years making a clinic. During this time, other helping hands were placed in Emmanuel’s life, like Draper (co-founder).

Draper quickly caught onto Emmanuel’s passion and desire to love hurting children in a tangible way, and in December of 2014, she found herself so taken by his mission, she decided to join him.

“I remember my first conversation with Lufafa in December of 2014. I was so curious about how the children were burned and inspired by his faith to care for children though he was unsure how it was going to work out. His love for others and his passion to care for vulnerable children was contagious. Lufafa is a dear friend and I have learned so much from him,” said Draper.

After Draper joined Emmanuel’s mission, others started to walk alongside them too, such as Giovanni Gravino (treasurer) and Bryan York (major prayer warrior). It was with these key people, many prayers from friends all around and a heart full of compassion that led to the birth of LCM.

Though Emmanuel’s eyes, no one person deserves proper health more than another, and thus, Lord’s Compassion Ministry was founded January 6, 2017 to nurse life back into Mafubira.

“I strongly believe we can try to help some of them (the children) regain their future which they had lost. I grew up in the same kind of life and have gained my future so I believe they can too… Whenever I see the suffering children I remember the tough moments I went through, and I get the compassion to help them because I don’t want them to go through what I went through. That is how I came to establish Lord’s Compassion Ministry,” said Emmanuel.

Now, LCM also has a children’s home, they send children to school, and have dreams and goals for many sustainability projects including a demonstration farm and micro loans. LCM invites you to partner with their mission through prayer or monetary support. We would love to partner with you to continue aiding God in His mission in Uganda. To learn more and start the conversation, feel free to contact us

Written by: Grace Hooley

Grace Hooley is a graduate of Taylor University. She double majored in Journalism and International Studies. She interned with LCM in 2018.

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