The Children

What is the children’s home in Mafubira about?

The home will provide  basic needs for the children. Shelter to those who are homeless along with food, water, clothes, medical care, education, spiritual growth.

Will all the children stay at the children’s home? Only children that are in desperate conditions will stay at the home. Lufafa will always try to locate extended family or a friend to care for vulnerable children.

Lord’s Compassion Ministry sends 37 children to school in Mafubira. The school has 5 buildings and is a 5 minute walk from the children’s home. The school was started after an American visited Mafubira and realized many of the children were not in school. The woman bought the land and had the buildings built so families could afford sending their children to school.

The children’s home is home to 16 of the 37 children. Lufafa works hard to find  extended family or friends to care for vulnerable children. However, many children come from the village of Buluuta, which is a 2.5 drive from Mafubira, and had no one to care for them. The children were sick and malnourished when they came to Mafubira 2 years ago. Today, they are healthy, enrolled in school, and receiving love, support, and discipleship from many people in the community.

Watch a video of the children singing

Why are so many children treated for burns?

We are located in a community where most people use open flames for cooking food, and lighting candles at night to be able to see. People have no proper cooking fire places, they just set down three stones, get firewood, light a fire, and begin cooking. Some people live in grass houses that can easily catch fire at night when the kids are playing with candles or accidents happen. There is also poor supervision of guardians to monitor their children, especially at night, that is why some children obtain burns.

Children are burned from the way people cook. They use charcoal stoves or rocks or brick to hold pots. If this is uneven and children are cooking or near where people are cooking, accidents can happen. Most people cook outside, however if it’s raining they may chose to cook inside. Houses are small and may have many people and children living inside. Many times children fall into hot cooking rice or hot water is spilled onto them.

There is no burn unit in the area and making a trip to the hospital is too costly. The nearest local government hospital is a 15 minute taxi ride from Mafubira where Lufafa is located. Some people live farther away and are unable to pay taxi fees. Hospitals require payment up front before treating a patient.