Why Buluuta?

Why Buluuta? This is the village Lufafa was born in and spent his early years of life. He is committed to empowering the people of Buluuta to overcome poverty and transform their lives. The women are in need of jobs and want to see their children in school, however the village has a hard time keeping a qualified teacher. Their water source is either the swamp or lake Victoria. Many pregnant women have no access to health care and die during child birth because the nearest medical facility is hours away. On August 3, 2017, Lufafa, Ronald, and Jazmen spoke to 59 women in Buluuta village to hear their challenges, ideas, dreams, and hopes for the future (pictured above). Check out more pictures of Buluuta in the gallery.

Buluuta Project Details

Challenges they face:

  •     They have no jobs
  •     Since they have no jobs they are unable to pay school fees
  •     Children are not in school
  •     The market, crops, and produce is not stable
  •     Sometimes weather, drought, bad transports and pests are their challenges.
  •     Widows are facing hard times because they have no way to support their families.
  •     They have no access to clean water. They use the swamp or lake Victoria for water.
  •     Pregnant women have a hard time getting to a health facility for delivery.
  •     Women are dying because of the distance to the health facility. The closest is 30 km away and there are no certified health people there.
  •     Children are dropping out of school because they are unable to pay tuition.
  •     Animal keeping is a challenge because the people keep their animals in their hut with them. This is bad for their health.
  •     Single mothers are struggling because they are sub-renting and they can not use the land for agriculture. – Many of the women are single or widows.
  •  The women only have primary schools and that is a major problem.

Ways Forward

  •     Starting a vocational school
  •     Having capital – Agriculture and Animals – not just money
  •     Develop businesses and other ways to pay for school fees
  •     Animal/poultry shelters and keeping (sustainability)
  •     Access to clean water (water well)
  •     Transportation for pregnant women
  •     Agriculture, market, crops – grow maize and rice, and other items

Moving forward

The goal is community development and sustainability in Buluuta. We will be identifying leaders within the community that will be trained by Lufafa and Ronald to assist in completing the needs assessments, along with monitoring and evaluating of projects.

We will also start a VSLA (village savings and loan association) to help people save money, loan, and prepare for emergencies.

So far…

We have had 2 cows, 1 bull, and 10 chickens purchased for the community.