Three Pieces, One Mission

LCM’s logo was made in 2017 by a Ugandan artist named Erick who was working with a fine art company during the time LCM needed a logo. Lufafa and Jazmen desired to have a Ugandan create the logo, and Erick was the perfect fit. While visiting, Jazmen met Erick, and she bought some of his artwork as well as earrings and a coffee cup. He also painted a pair of white TOMS for her which she wears happily to this day. Since moving, Lufafa has not been able to contact Erick, but they hope to find a way to contact him soon.

Lufafa and Jazmen were extremely happy with the logo, but it appeared pixelated, so with the help of myself, Grace Hooley, LCM’s first intern, the logo is what it is today.

The logo is a unique design bringing three different, but connected, aspects together to serve one purpose and mission. You see this in each piece: God’s hand, the world and the people.

God’s hand is represented by the blue and purple flame. LCM believes in God’s authority creating and sustaining the world. LCM points to Psalm 95:4 as Biblical proof of this.

“Psalm 95:4 states, ‘In His hands are the depth of the earth; the heights of the mountains are His also.’ As the Lord’s Compassion Ministry, we acknowledge that God oversees the whole world and all the people in it. He uses us to help His people who are suffering,” Lufafa said.

God sees His people suffering, and just like with Moses, He desires to deliver them. God gave Moses Aaron as an aid in freeing His people, and with LCM, God has given us you, our champion donors.

The world is represented by the light green globe that you see in the logo. LCM believes that because God created the world, He knows everyone in it and their needs. LCM desires to love and take care of the people around them as God does. They see this looking at Psalm 24:1.

“Psalm 24:1 states ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.’ The Lord’s Compassion Ministry recognizes the power of the Lord to own the earth. And since He owns the world, He loved it and gave his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins,” Lufafa said.

They also look at John 16:33 as proof for their mission in the world. God did not say that life in this world would be easy, but He said to have courage because He overcame the world. As a Christian-based organization we encourage everyone we aid to stand strong whenever trials arise.

The people are represented as the exciting characters of different colors. We share love and aid with all people regardless of race or social status. Malnutrition causes health issues and mental poverty, and many in Uganda cannot get the education or health they need due to race or social status. Those who can are not willing to share their privilege.

“The country has a big gap between the rich and the poor, high corruption and inflation. Because of corruption, the local people cannot get services like health services, good schools and roads among others,” Lufafa said.

We choose to share love with everyone void of any discrimination, and we point to 1 Peter 5: 6-7, “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in the due time, casting all of your care upon him, for he cares for you.” God’s love does not always give us what we expect, but it gives us what we need. This is what we desire to do with our people in Uganda.

God’s hand, God’s world, God’s people. Three pieces, one mission: to glorify God by aiding the people of Uganda in any way, shape, or form that they may need. Our mantra: Engage, Empower, Empathize in the name of the Lord. Our logo reminds us of this everyday.

“To me, the logo means that we love everyone despite differences. We want to care for and share the love of Christ to as many children as we can,” Jazmen said.

Written By: Grace Hooley

Grace Hooley is a senior at Taylor University double majoring in Journalism and International Studies. She interned with LCM from June to August 2018. She currently lives in Indiana, but she has been to five different countries and hopes to continue traveling after graduation.