Rose’s story

Rose is doing well at the local University. Rose grew up in the village of Buluuta where LCM wants to continue serving and working towards community development. Rose says,

“When I was young I used to admire computer wizards. As I continued to grow up I fell in love with accounting career and I would tell people that I yearn to be an accountant. As time moved on, I loved business as a career, but for God’s love am studying all computer. After university I can do business via computer, I can be an accountant as well as a computer wizard.. That if there is computer failure, I will be of help. Glory be to God as well as I appreciate my sponsors and everyone else who wishes me well. May God bless you. I love you. With trust in God, my dream is coming to pass.”

I met Rose last year in Uganda. She has a tender, humble, and caring heart. She loves to sing and volunteers her time to teach the children at her church about the love and faith of Jesus. She would love to see LCM grow. She desire is to  become a paid employee of LCM so she can continue helping people in Buluuta. I remember Rose and I washing dishes together one evening in Uganda. She would ask me questions about life in America.  I decided to ask her about her life growing up in Buluuta. I was not prepared for what she had to say. I had to hold back tears. Many people died in the village due to starvation. People would share what they had. People had only two outfits and worked 15 or more hours a day tending to their garden. People are very poor and even sleep with their cows inside their huts. Lufafa (her brother) rescued her from marriage and early pregnancy at the age of 12. There was no power and at night they lived in darkness. Her younger life was not easy, however she persisted in trusting Jesus to fulfill her dreams. 

This was Rose and I planting a tree in Buluuta. It’s customary for guests to plant a tree. Rose is truly a woman of God who trusts Jesus with everything. She inspires me daily.