Pray with us

  • Pray for the supplies and furniture to be bought for the new clinic where Lufafa will treat patients.
  • Pray that monthly donations will cover the cost of food, school fees, supplies, and medications that will be needed each month.
  • Pray for our community to become self-sustainable.
  • Pray for the purchase of land to build a demonstration farm for apprenticeships and continued sustainability.
  • That money to buy supplies to build animal housing in the village of Buluuta will be donated.
  • For a teacher to be committed to the village of Buluuta.
  • We are in need of more supplies for the children; solar lights, towels, and clothes.
  • Churches will sponsor projects.

Answered Prayers:
The new clinic building has been completed.
Every month the children are in school, fed, and able to receive medical care if needed.
Everyone has been healthy. Lufafa has had medical supplies to treat patients.