Pen Pals

You can utilize your skills and talents to partner with us! Maybe you like to write stories or have experience with grant writing, or you like updating social media. We are in need of people willing to offer their time and skills to join our mission!

You can start a campaign to raise money, talk to your church about sponsoring a project, or even host an event in your home to tell and inspire others about Lord’s Compassion Ministry.

If you are a teacher or youth pastor, you could encourage your class to write letters to the children. If you have a child of your own, encourage them to become pen pals.

Send letters to:

Lord’s Compassion Ministry
Lufafa Emmanuel
PO BOX 1509
Jinja town, Uganda
East Africa
Postal Code 256

Send us an email at and let us know your ideas and talents!

Travis received a letter from his pen pal, Mckenzie.