Jazmen and Alex meet

Jazmen and Alex spent the weekend together with their families talking LCM and their trip to Uganda. Alex and his family flew from Germany to spend some time with family in Florida. 

Prayers Please

Be praying for LCM:
1. to partner with ITEC
2. to partner with HTC
3. and that we (Jazmen, Alex) well be able to travel to Uganda in February and that we will receive funding to bring Don, a videographer, with us.
We are thankful for the new partnership with the German Organization and looking forward to building the children’s home soon!!

A new Partnership

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Walldorf e.V. is a German Organization helping us to build the new children’s home. They will partner with us for the next 3-4 years to help create sustainability. Maybe you are wondering how we became involved with a German Organization?! One of our champions, Alex, lives in Germany and he reached out to them. How amazing is that?!  Here is their website http://www.hilfe-zur-selbsthilfe-walldorf.de/