Newsletter November 2017

November 2017 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who participated in #givingtuesday. We told you about Andrew’s story and I’m happy to let you know, he has been registered into mechanic school. He is happy and enjoying learning.





Alex made it to Uganda safely. He is enjoying his time with the children and learning about the culture and building relationships. He and Lufafa took a trip to the village of Buluuta and Alex said

I was able to share my love for Jesus with them (the people of Buluuta).”

He said he had to fight tears because

“I told them about Jesus’ love and I believe they know 1000x more how great God is than I do.” 

Alex bought school supplies for 35 children in Buluuta and Lufafa was able to register them for school.




Alex eating with the children in Mafubira Children’s home. He has seen first
hand when people give to LCM, where there money is going. Alex is excited to return home to Germany and encourage others to join us in our efforts to care for more children. 



Some important new happenings:

  • LCM is now on Amazon Smile. Find us here
  • It’s easy for everyone to create a fundraiser page on Facebook (left side of your own FB page has “Fundraisers” under “Explore”). Search for “lords compassion ministry” with no apostrophe.

Thank you to all our wonderful friends!!


Jazmen Draper &
Lufafa Emmanuel