Newsletter September 2017

September 2017

Lufafa and I want to thank Jesus for His love and grace. We also want to thank everyone who has allowed Lord’s Compassion Ministry to become part of their story! We have new monthly donors and excited to see how Jesus continues to grow this ministry. I had the opportunity to chat with a friend and monthly donor from Germany. Our conversation reminded me of how Jesus transforms our lives. He was studying the book of James and he said it’s because of pure arrogance if we ask ourselves why are people asking us for help and money. He realized his pride was getting in the way of Jesus using him to help others. He realized that if we can make a difference in the life of even one child or person, that we should! He is looking forward to visiting Lufafa and the children this December.

I want to take a moment and express how grateful we are for our partners. Monthly givers are so important because it allows the ministry to budget and steward God’s resources wisely. You will be making an impact in the lives of children! You can become a monthly donor with a fast and easy sign up here.

I was asked recently why children are burned and I thought of my trip to see the children in Uganda. I was learning to make their cabbage dish on the charcoal stove during my visit. As I was mixing the cabbage in the bowl and the bowl kept sliding onto its side. I didn’t have any pot holders to pick it up and fix it, however I was handed me a piece of paper. Yup, a piece of paper! The pan was Hot!! Thankfully there was no liquid in my bowl, but I was given an opportunity to experience first hand how easy it is to be burned while cooking. I saw how easy it was for accidents to happen and how children are often burned. Cooking in small spaces with many people or accidental spill can happen so easily! Children are also burned from using candles at night to see since many people are unable to afford electricity.

The children are happy using their new tables and chairs to work on homework and eat meals.

Be looking for an all new website coming soon.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!


Jazmen & Lufafa