Newsletter September 2016

September 2016

This week Lufafa hired a lady that will be caring for the needs of the children. She will be bathing them, washing their clothes, cooking and acting like a mother to them. Lufafa will be working 55 hours a week at the government hospital in Jinja and will need her help. We need to buy a new charcal stove, pans, plates, and stock enough food and buy a lamp to use at night since the house is not connected to power. The other thing also is painting. We need to paint the rooms they are staying in. Also shopping for some clothes for the children. So far we have raised $300 of the $700 needed for school fees, and the listed above items.

Also, we want people to know that Mafubira is a sub county of Jinja. In 2014, which was the last census, there was a population of 75,485 people.

“All of these people cannot depend on one water well. Mafubira has many villages. Some of these villages in mafubira are distand from each other. It can take hours to walk from one village to another. We don’t have vehicles to drive here. Vehicles are for the rich people. The majority walk by foot and some by bodaboda “motocycle taxi” which is also expensive for most of the people.” – Lufafa Emmanuel

I am adding this information because some people seem to not understand the needs of children and the dire situation people live in.

“Where we are staying in a community where most of the people have been infected with Hiv/aids and are dying every day leaving behind so many helpless orphans. There so many organizations that have come up to help the suffering people but the help is just like a drop in an ocean. So many people are yearning for help and it’s true there are many organizations and individuals who have come up to help but those who need the help are very many and the support is just like a drop.” – Lufafa Emmanuel

So you see, Lufafa would not say the children need a well if it was not true. They would love to have access to clean water. I ask that everyone will pray for people to understand a culture, situation, and context before they judge.

Prayer Request
We are asking our friends to be in prayer about us moving forward to submitting nonprofit paperwork. We are also asking for prayer for guidance and wisdom. A pastor from Georgia and his wife and myself (Jazmen) will soon be making plans to travel and visit Lufafa. And prayer that the needs of the children will be met. Pray for the hearts of those who Lufafa continues to share the Gospel with.

We appreciate you all!!
Much love!
Jazmen and Lufafa