Newsletter October 2016

October 2016

Praise God! The $700 was raised to pay for school fees, food, paint for the house, and other basic needs. We received another donation from Australia allowing Lufafa to buy school uniforms, blankets, bedsheets and more food for the kids. He also paid wages to the two matrons (women who care for the kids) and rent for the house. Here are some pictures of Lufafa handing out the uniforms and blankets and the house he painted and rented for the kids!







Pastor Paul from Texas stopped by the church to share a message!


The new children’s home before painting

The home after. Great job Lufafa!

We are asking our friends to be in prayer about us moving forward to submitting nonprofit paperwork. We are also asking for prayer for guidance and wisdom. A pastor from Georgia and his wife and myself (Jazmen) will soon be making plans to travel and visit Lufafa. And prayer that the needs of the children will be met. Pray for the hearts of those who Lufafa continues to share the Gospel with.

We appreciate you all!!
Much love!
Jazmen and Lufafa


Lufafa posing with the new bed setup for the children.