Newsletter November 2016

November 2016

Thank you for your support this month. Food was bought to sustain the children through the month.

I just want to take a moment to explain that Lufafa and I (Jazmen) want to provide everyone with information on what is happening with donations and provide pictures so everyone has a visual of the impact they are making. Our goal is be transparent and accountable. All donations go directly to the children.

Lufafa cares for children in vulnerable situations. He takes them in and makes sure they are fed, clothed, going to school, and has a place to sleep. This happens because of donations. A long term goal is for Lufafa to open a store and sell items to the community to help support the children. Another goal is to build a school and place for friends to stay should they decided to visit.

Lufafa works 55 hours a week (at the local government hospital in Jinja) and has help from Willy, who watches over the clinic (in Mafubira) while he is gone. Lufafa pays two older women to help care for the children, which he refers to as matrons. Since the building is not complete, Lufafa has to rent a house for the children to live in. Often times this is a temporary situation, leaving Lufafa with the task to find another house to rent and the responsibility to move all their clothes, blankets, and beds to the new house.

We are looking for partnerships with people that want to see the children in Mafubira break the cycle of poverty. We want people to understand that people have different world views and live in different cultures.

So far in 2016…

31 children have had the opportunity to go to school with scholastic materials. We provided 18 of the 31 children with housing, food, and clothes. The clinic has treated 137 patients since January.

The other 13 children live with extended family and Lufafa checks in on them periodically. Some times children can end up living in abusive families and this is why he checks in on them.

Prayer Requests

We pray for people with a heart to learn about the difficulties children face in Mafubira. For people to form relationships with us and respond how God asks you to respond. Our hope is in Jesus. We pray for people to communicate with us honestly and continue to support the children.

Honestly, this has been a rough month for us learning how to trust people and communicate with people who say they will sponsor and then ignore the commitment they made. We understand issues come up and all we ask is that you treat us as friends. Communicate with us. Keep us in the loop so we can plan for the children. In the end, it’s not about me or Lufafa but about raising these children to love and share Jesus and break out of the cycle of poverty.

We appreciate you all!!

Much love!

Jazmen and Lufafa