Newsletter May 2017

May 2017

The clinic (pictured left) is coming along nicely! Lufafa is working hard to have it completed by the end of July. The goal is July that way I (Jazmen) will have a place to stay while visiting without having to pay hotel fees.

We want to glorify Jesus and thank Him for His love and grace. Second, we want to thank all our friends for helping Lufafa care for the children. We want to let you all know that you are helping to raise 37 children. The children were on a school break for a couple weeks and started again May 22.

Lufafa still needs to finish paying school fees and we are hopeful that will happen soon. If you feel led to donate to school fees, supplies, or to buying clinic furniture, please donate here.

Lufafa not only pays school fees and required school materials, he also buys medical supplies, school uniforms, food and the supplies to cook, clean water, clothes, blankets/sheets, pays rent and dada, pays for labor and building supplies to finish the construction of the clinic, and now he has animal feed to purchase. Lufafa has been spending his income on the clinic building and labor costs that way donations can be spent on the children.

School fees alone each year for 37 children is $4,440.
Overhead costs are $250 a month and are paid by a donor who understands the importance of paying overhead fees to operate a nonprofit. This money is not donated through Network for Good. It goes straight to the nonprofit bank account to pay for the website, western union fee, Insurance, and Network for Good fee.

Here is a breakdown of donations so far this year….
Jan. $1,275
Feb. $710
March $1,880. However $1,205 of that was donated specifically to purchase only animals

April $1,290
May so far $1050. However $750 of that was specifically donated to install the fence and to buy beds for the clinic.

When people donate we take their requests seriously on where they desire the money to be spent.

You can visit our donation page here and feel free to share the the donation page with others.

The fence being installed

The Fence!
Installation of the fence has started and hopefully Lufafa will be able to buy furniture soon. A friend has graciously offered to donate for these two things. Updates will be posted.

Prayer requests
I will be traveling to Uganda at the end of July. For our prayer warriors, we are asking for prayers for a fruitful time together. I will be gathering stories and documenting what life is like in Mafubira with photos. The plan is to record some videos, an interview with Lufafa and an older child. Lufafa and I plan to discuss the future of Lord’s Compassion Ministry and have a celebration with the children. I am looking forward to listening and learning from the children and their community.

Another prayer request is for wisdom, guidance, and for people to continue their partnerships with us and for new partnerships to develop. We would love for a couple churches to help support Lufafa’s community become self-sustainable. Community development is a long-term commitment that requires love and patience.

Jazmen and Lufafa