Newsletter May 2016

May 2016
Thank you all for your partnership with us to help children in Mafubira break the cycle of poverty. This is our first newsletter! Lufafa and I (Jazmen) want to keep everyone up to date on the happenings in Mafubira and how donations are being spent!

I am happy to say that so far this year almost $6,000 has been donated. Allowing Lufafa and the workers to complete the septic tank building, the ceiling, plastering, and the compound has been leveled. Trees, grass, and flowers for designing the compound have been bought and planted.

What is left to complete for the new clinic?
The next step in construction will be buying of building tails for 85 square meters and setting them. Drainage, power installation, wooden doors, tank stand and plastic pipes, and fencing.

(Joshua donating supplies to Lufafa)

Lufafa and the children had a visitor come and donate medical supplies (not medication) books, and scandals. His name is Joshua and he is a Ugandan from Kampala. We want to say thank you for his kindness. He had this to say,
“Lufafa is devoted to help children, he is a medic that could have decided to practice medicine for money but I saw he is devoted to the ministry of helping children.”

Why did Lufafa want to build a new clinic?
Two reasons:
1. Many children are burned due to cooking on open flames and using candles for lighting for light. With the lack of supervision and small living spaces, many children are brought to Lufafa for treatment of their burns. Please consider donating for the purchase of supplies and medicine.
2. Many people in Mafubira are unable to pay the hospital fees before treatment is provided. Many have said that Lufafa is the best at treating burns in his community.

Please be praying for peace in the country. We are praying for continued support to complete the building, and wisdom for Lufafa to continue to care for children and treating patients.

In the news:
Uganda experienced 4 days with no Facebook or TV due to Presidential inauguration from May 10 -13. Lufafa said this happened “because they don’t want them to broadcast what is taking place as the president is swearing in for the 6th term. The opposition flag barer has been arrested and put to jail. All the towns are filled with army men. Movements to town have been restricted and people move to town on there own risk.”

Thank you to Judy for mailing Bibles to the children!

Much Love to you all!
Jazmen and Lufafa