Newsletter June 2016

June 2016

First, I want to clarify that in last month’s newsletter I missed the word ‘outside’ when referring to what construction needs to be finished with the new clinic building. We still need to finish the inside. I will update everyone in the next newsletter about what tasks need to be done to complete the inside of the building.

Joshua made a visit to Lufafa recently to drop off medical supplies, scandals, and school supplies. He wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that the donation was part of the Foundation mission in memory of Elder and Mrs. Edward Aiken.

Even though there is still work to do on the new clinic, Lufafa is patient and determined to see the building finished. He is still treating patients while making sure the most vulnerable children have food, education, and a place to stay.

Keep Lufafa and the children in your prayers!


Jazmen and Lufafa