Newsletter December 2016

December 2016
Someone asked if the clinic building has been completed. The building (pictured below) that will serve as a clinic and children’s home, is still not complete. There is still work to do on the inside and some on the outside. We have been focusing on donations going to feed, house, clothe, and educate the children. We have to put the needs of the children first before construction. Here is a current picture of the building.

Raising Funds
We are looking to raise funds for two girls (Nangobi and Mutesi) and who are asking to return back to school. Lufafa used to care for them until he found a local organization willing to help send them to school. The girl’s time is up with the organization and have returned to Lufafa. They are Mutesi who will be in form 4 and Nangobi who will be in form 6 of candidate classes. Each girl will need $350 for the upcoming term. So we are looking to raise $700 for them. Please consider supporting sending these girls back to school.

“Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth and increases income. It increases a person’s chances of having a healthy life, reduces maternal deaths, and combats diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Education can promote gender equality, reduce child marriage, and promote peace” (

Thank you all for your continued support. December is a new month to focus on Jesus and what we can do when we allow Him to work through us, to grow and teach us to be more like Him. Please pray for people to understand the challenges children in Mafubira experience.

In the new year, there is a small group of us making plans to visit Lufafa most likely at the end of July. Prayers for guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
We appreciate you all!!

Much love!
Jazmen and Lufafa