Newsletter August 2017

August 2017

Thank you all for your prayers as I (Jazmen) traveled to Uganda to visit Lufafa and the children (July 28th – August 10th). The trip was fantastic! I was able to stay in the new clinic which was completed a few days before I arrived. The building is beautiful and I am so excited for it to be filled with medical furniture, supplies, and equipment.

I was able to see in person the wonderful and inspiring work Lufafa is doing through your giving. God is using him in mighty ways and I am very thankful. I was able to go to the market and learn how Lufafa shops for food and clothing for the children and what it is like living in Mafubira. I was able to buy the children toothbrushes, soap, sponges, toothpaste, clothes, a pair of shoes, and some food. The children were so well behaved. We even had a party for the children to celebrate all that Jesus is doing in their lives. I also had the privilege of visiting the children’s school. We also had the opportunity to buy tables and chairs for the children. They will no longer have to sit on the hard cement or ground to eat and try to do homework.

The children are in need of towels and solar lights. I learned that they have only ONE small light and no towels. I thought the weather in Mafubira would be hot and humid, however the weather was pleasant. The evenings and mornings were cool about 65 degrees and the days would warm up to 85 degrees. A couple days it rained. I tried to bath in cold water and ended up using a tea kettle to warm up water to rinse my body. Trying to bath in cold water was hard. Unfortunately, dada is unable to warm up water for 16 children. Using cold water in the cool evening weather is difficult and towels would make a HUGE difference.

Lufafa and I also took a trip to the village of Buluuta, where Lufafa was born and spent his early years. It was a 2.5 hour journey from Mafubira. 59 women came to greet us and to have a discussion about community development. I had the honor of planting a orange tree since it’s tradition to plant something when a visitor comes. Another part of this trip was to take selfies with the animals that were purchased for the ministry.

You can visit the Project link on our website and learn more about Buluuta.

Lufafa treating Sam, a burn patient. This was his second bandage change. He was healed in two weeks.

Obtaining water in Mafubira, Uganda… Water is acquired a few different ways and it depends on how much money a family has that will determine how they access water. You can pay to have a faucet (pictured above) installed on your residence from the national water source and they will pay a monthly fee. Usually about $50 a month. One can buy bottled water. I drank bottled water while visiting and bathed in the national water source. Some people can afford indoor plumbing and water from the national water source would be used in showers, sinks, and toilets. Many are unable to afford a monthly water bill and do not have indoor plumbing and will pay to use other people’s outdoor faucets. Some people are far from the market and poor so they will go to the nearby swamp for water. Some may even steal water at night from the faucets. There are people who sell water in a bag though it may not be clean. However, some people do buy it.
In Buluuta – a village 2.5 hours from Mafubira. Their source of water is Lake Victoria or the swamp. They are in need of a well.

Children are burned from the way people cook. They use charcoal stoves or rocks or brick to hold pots. If this is uneven and children are cooking or near where people are cooking, accidents can happen. Most people cook outside, however if it’s raining they may chose to cook inside. Houses are small and may have many people and children living inside. Many times children fall into hot cooking rice or hot water is spilled onto them.
There is no burn unit in the area and making a trip to the hospital is too costly. The nearest local government hospital is a 15 minute taxi ride from Mafubira where Lufafa is located. Some people live farther away and are unable to pay taxi fees. Hospitals require payment up front before treating a patient.

I attended this church for two Sundays while visiting Lufafa Emmanuel. I was about a 2 minute walk from the clinic. I was even given the opportunity to hear Lufafa preach. Everyone was welcoming and they even held a Bible study each night of the week days. The pastors had jobs and were committed to serving their community.

While taking pictures I realized there were no doors or windows, no stump town coffee and snacks, no fancy tile on the floor, no signs, no pictures of kids from another part of the world hanging, no child classrooms, and no half a million dollar sound system and projectors. Yet, the joy of the Lord was very present!!

I truly miss this church in Mafubira, Uganda. Worship was different each week and dancing was the best part. I don’t mean swaying a little back and forth but true dancing. The music was lively. The children would take their benches outside to study underneath a tree and then play games in the grass. Rose, Lufafa’s teacher is the children’s Sunday school teacher. Another neat aspect they preached in Lusoga and someone would always interpret in English.

I went to visit the children’s school. I thought it was going to be small, however the campus was large with 5 buildings. I learned an American woman bought the land and had the buildings built so the children’s family in the community could afford lower school fees. I met the head master, James, and he was a kind, Christian man. We thanked him for allowing us to pay the school fees late on occasion. He is committed to making sure children are in school and believing with us that many more people will partner with Lord’s Compassion.

Head Master, James

Please know your donations make a HUGE impact on the lives of the children. Every dollar does directly to the children’s needs. Jesus is very present and I’m so thankful for you and everyone who is part of Lord’s Compassion Ministry.
We are praying for more partners willing to help us serve the children and the community in Buluuta. We are hopeful that churches will be reaching out to sponsor projects.

Feel free to call, message, or email me any questions!!
Much love and blessings,
Jazmen Draper