Newsletter April 2017

April 2017


Who helps care for the children?

Thank you Dada (grandma) for helping Lufafa care for the children. Your hard work and compassion doesn’t go unnoticed. The children are doing well. They are thankful for everyone helping to support them.

Transitioning to Network for Good (our donation platform) has been an adjustment. We receive a deposit once a month for the previous month. All of April donations will be deposited May 15 and so on. Two friends stepped up and filled the need. Lufafa needed to purchase food, and with the recent drought, prices had increased. We thank Jesus because in times when things seems hard and we start to worry, He provides!! Please continue praying for wisdom, guidance, and for people willing to walk along side Lufafa, the children, and his community!

Much love to you all!

Jazmen & Lufafa