Newsletter September 2018

September 2018

Hello friends,

I hope everyone received the letter we sent out in the mail along with the book marks. Thank you to our treasurer, Gio, for making such a beautiful letter and book mark.

Alex and Jazmen are planning a trip to visit Lufafa and the children next year. Alex is still having a meeting with an organization later in October that wants to support building a new children’s home. We can’t wait! Not only will we save money each month on rent, we can pray about helping more children!

A reminder that you can support LCM through buying on Amazon

and if you or anyone you know is buying a home, you can help LCM through Realize Giving

We have a few new champions! We are thankful for everyones support! Keep praying and we encourage you to stand with us:

much love from the LCM team!!