Newsletter October 2018

October 2018

Hello Friends!!

Lufafa and I hope you enjoyed your bookmarks and an update of how many children we have helped to care for!! Thank you to Gio for donating his time and funds to the bookmarks. LCM is 100 percent volunteer operated and all donations go directly to the children. 🙂 In January I will send out a letter with an update on the whole year!

I am so happy to announce that a German organization, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V., (Help for Self-Help), has decided to partner with LCM and donate $6,000 to start building a children’s the home. The current children’s home is rented. Now we will save on paying rent and put that money to good use. We will be partnering with the organization for 3 years. I look forward to posting more about the organization and the new home.

Prayers for our two recent burn patients and our little one, Faima, who lost her mother at birth. Lufafa is looking for a loving home for her. It is common for people to take in orphans and miss treat them. Many families are already struggling so to take in another child is hard. Pray he finds a loving family.

Lufafa was telling me about a 9 month old that sustained burns. The child waited 2 weeks to have access to medical care. She has very deep burns. The parents surrendered and were waiting for God’s miracle. Someone told them about Lufafa and his skill to treat burns. Lufafa said, “the parents didn’t expect that we would treat their child for free.” They were happy that God answered their prayer.

Thank you to our champions for their amazing hearts.

I encourage each of you to love others despite differences.

God is so good!

Here is a video from Lufafa:


Jazmen and Lufafa