Newsletter December 2018

December 2018


The children’s home is coming along nicely! This building is on over an acre of fenced in land. The children will reside here until their living area is completed. This building will then turn into a living area/guest house.

Starting in 2019 we will begin building the latrines, water tank, and dining hall. Around April, we will begin building the kitchen, stables, start gardening, and buying furniture. The farm area will be used to teach the children to farm, grow their food , and allow community members to also learn about farming to further community development. 

Jazmen and Alex spent a weekend together with their families talking LCM and their trip to Uganda. Alex and his family flew from Germany to spend some time with family in Florida. Since HTC will be unable to meet up with us in Uganda, Alex will travel to Uganda in June. Jazmen is still deciding.

Be looking for the annual report being sent out and posted on our website in January!! We have more than doubled what was given in 2017! Thank you to all our champions for fighting the good fight!  I can’t wait to see the growth and friendships that will happen in 2019!!

Happy New Year!

Jazmen and Lufafa