Newsletter December 2017

2017 Outcomes

We now have 10 monthly donors totaling $1,615 a month. ($240 of this is donated to expenses)

Expenses (website, donation platform, insurance) for Lord’s Compassion Ministry totaled $3,256 

Our overall donations for 2017 were $25,205

$16,872 was given to the children’s home and clinic in Uganda! – which is $5,557 more than last year

For Bryan’s fundraiser so he could receive medical treatment after his heart attack  $5,077 was given


Lufafa treated 90 patients

What was treated?  67 burn patients; 9 malaria patients, 2 pneumonia patients, 1 whooping cough, and various other medical conditions.






35 children are in school and received school supplies in Buluuta

37 children are in school in Mafubira and received school supplies

1 teenager was sent to mechanic school

16 children live in the children’s home where shelter, food, water, clothes, and other living supplies are paid for.



How many people visited Lufafa? 2, An American and a German


How many children received discipleship? 72


The clinic was finished  in July. It is a beautiful building and looking forward to purchasing supplies and furniture to turn it in to a usable clinic. 


We love you all!!

Jazmen & Lufafa