Newsletter April 2019

Hello Friends,

Lots of exciting things are happening! We received a $3,000 donation from our champions, Kathy and Rex. We pray for our champions regularly. Thank you again to all our wonderful champions for fighting the good fight with us. As resurrection day approaches, I am reminded the sacrifice Jesus paid for each of us and the grace He gives.

We also received the water assessment from

I wanted to share the results with everyone. The first paragraph was heart breaking reading that people are killed by crocodiles while getting water from the swamp. Our mission is to get them a water well because everyone deserves clean drinking water. Please join in prayers that HTC will partner with us. Please look at the attachment at the end with pictures and GPS coordinates as well.

“Hope all is well with you! I wanted to share that a member of our staff in Uganda was able to travel to Buluuta able to carry out your pre-site survey of the area. Our staff member identified two broken borehole wells in the area, but considers neither one to be viable options for rehabilitation. One of these wells is apparently tapped into an salty water reservoir– something that can’t be fixed by repairing the well’s hardware. The second well so shallow that its water supply dries up fairly easily. Our staff member also reported that many people in the area are using the nearby lake as their primary water source, but this has proven to be extremely dangerous even beyond any concerns around the water’s contamination levels. Apparently, multiple people have been attacked by crocodiles while fetching water from the lake.
Based on these findings, our recommendation is to drill a new borehole well simply because there aren’t any existing safe water sources for us to tap into. Our staff specifically identified an area between the two broken borehole wells that could theoretically be a good spot for a new well. However, during the pre-site, our staff member was also able to survey a couple of schools in the area, both of which look like they could support at least one rainwater collection system.
I have attached a copy of the pre-site survey findings below for you to look through. I believe I walked you through some of the pricing information about our different water projects in my original email to you, but I’ll quickly review some of the basics for you now.
If you decide to move forward with drilling a new borehole well, we’ll need $1,000 USD in order to schedule a hydrogeological survey, which will help us to identify which specific drilling location is most likely to succeed. After those results come back, we’ll need an additional $6,000 USD before we can schedule the actual drilling. In total, you should expect the final cost of the project to be around $10,000, but it could land anywhere between $8,000 and $12,000.
If you were interested in funding rainwater collections systems for the schools that we included in the pre-site assessment, those would cost $3,600 each.
Let me know your thoughts around these recommendations and if you have any additional questions for us!”
Marina Cull
Communications Director
Ugandan Water Project
Here are the results: