Mission & History


To help vulnerable children become filled with hope and the love of Jesus by partnering with them and their community to meet spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs.

There are 2.7 million vulnerable children in Uganda where over half the population is under the age of 15. This is due to war, diseases, and poverty. Some children may be taken in by family or strangers and some have no where to go. Some children are taken in and they end up neglected and abused. Let’s change this!

Lord’s Compassion Ministry (LCM) serves two villages; Mafubira and Buluuta, near Jinja, Uganda. LCM is also registered with the local Ugandan government. As of January 6, 2017, LCM became registered in the state of Oregon and is a registered foreign entity in Florida. LCM  is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit. Our EIN is 81-4853869.


A champion, Alex, visiting the children in Uganda. Dec. 2017.


Sustainable Development & Self-Sufficiency: we closely partner with local churches and communities (Mafubira and Buluuta) in Uganda to assess community needs and guide communities in implementing holistic, powerful change that can be sustained for generations. We ensure that those served, including children, have a voice and are included in decision-making, encouraging community ownership of projects.

Inclusivity: regardless of individuals’ circumstances or beliefs, Lord’s Compassion Ministry empowers them to participate in their community and improve their own lives through access to life-saving healthcare and education, and economic development and training. We value each child and adult and help them build their skills, enhancing future and current economic and educational opportunities.

Spirituality: we believe in God and understand the importance of spirituality, regardless of the faith, beliefs, or religions practiced by those served. We work with all communities to more deeply engage them in spiritual practices through non-denominational worship services and prayer groups.

Transparency: we actively practice transparency, particularly regarding programming results and allocation of funds. We share internal organizational practices and other relevant information through our blog, website, and social media channels. If you have a question about our finances, programs, or any other aspect of the organization, please do not hesitate to reach out.



Lord’s Compassion Ministry began as a grassroots effort, spearheaded by Lufafa Emmanuel, a trained nurse, pastor, and Uganda native, in 2014. As a nurse serving in the impoverished community of Mafubira, Uganda, Lufafa witnessed firsthand the great need for accessible healthcare for the children in his village. Most did not have access to necessary food, clothing, or life-saving medical care, and many were homeless. In December of 2014, Lufafa met Jazmen Draper and together they formed Lord’s Compassion Ministry, which became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit in early 2017.

Today, Lord’s Compassion Ministry oversees a children’s home and school for orphaned and underserved youth, manages a free clinic that treats burns and other injuries or illnesses, and supports the community of Buluuta in Uganda in sustainably developing their economy and resources.

Lord’s Compassion Ministry is 100% volunteer-run.Lufafa, a local leader and trained nurse in Mafubira, works directly with those served in Uganda and acts as the organization’s Director and main decision-maker. Jazmen resides in the United States and provides fundraising, programmatic, and legal support.