The New Clinic

The clinic has been completed as of July 2017.  This clinic will serve the community and treat children who would otherwise not be able to seek medical treatment. Most are unable to afford the taxi ride to the nearest town and the government hospital requires payment up front for services. Many are unable to afford the fees. We are praying for donors who want to help Lufafa purchase furniture such as medical beds and other medical supplies.


We are praying about purchasing land to build a school, farm, and demonstration area to teach people how to garden and care for animals. This land is located in Mafubira near the children’s home and is about a 15 minute walk from the clinic.

The Children’s Home


The children’s home allows a place for 16 children to stay. Donations pay for school fees. The children are fed, clothed, and taken care of. Most importantly, the children are receiving emotional care. We currently have 37 children in school through our ministry. 16 of the 37 children reside in the children’s home. The other’s live with friends or extended family.

Most of the 16 children come from a village 2.5 hours from Mafubira called Buluuta. This is the village where Lufafa was born and raised, therefore he is committed to the communitie’s development and making sure orphaned children have a future. We would love to see the home grow to provide love and support to other vulnerable children.


We would like to have a small account ($1,000) to help 10 people start a small business or expand their current business. The loans would have no interest.

We would also like to teach VSLAs – village savings and loan associations – to the people.


We would like to have $10,000 to send young adults to college.

Building guest rooms

We would like to add on to Lufafa’s home building to construct guest rooms.