Lord’s Compassion Ministry (LCM) serves two villages; Mafubira and Buluuta, near Jinja, Uganda. LCM is also registered with the local Ugandan government. As of January 6, 2017, LCM became registered in the state of Oregon and are a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit. Our EIN is 81-4853869.

I am forever grateful for the people who stood with me and provided food, shelter, medical supplies, and school fees to children when we were not yet a nonprofit. Thank you for your compassion and support.

I established the Mafubira Community Clinic and children’s home due the high mortality rate of orphans who are suffering, starving, and dying without medical care, food, shelter and proper clothing. LCM is aimed at promoting the standard of living of the children in my community and alleviating their suffering. I have a bachelors degree in nursing and have seen first hand how children are suffering. When children are given a chance, they can look to their future with hope and become successful members of their community. A major challenge that hinders our goals is lack of funds to effectively satisfy the needs of the children. The clinic is free of charge for families who are unable to take their children to the government hospital, which at times can be without needed supplies and medicines. I now call upon you with a compassionate heart to partner with us to support children.

The clinic is completed, however we are still in need of clinic furniture. There are also future plans for the building of a school, store, and buying land to farm to create food, jobs, and income. Please considering joining us in providing hope to many!

God Bless,

Lufafa Emmanuel

Founder, Director, and Nurse

Lufafa’s Story

A german lady cared for one child, Lufafa Emmanuel. He was born to a poor family in a rural village in Uganda. His family had little hope of giving their children a future in the war torn country ravaged by disease and poverty. For years he was treated as a slave. Until one day a stranger showed compassion. She sent Lufafa back to school, and inspired him to give his life to Jesus. When Lufafa was in high school, her health deteriorated and she returned to Germany, dying 4 months later. Before she died, her daughter promised to support Lufafa until he finished his education. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Uganda Christian University, he began to work in a number of private and government hospitals. Working in government hospitals is difficult due to being underdeveloped, understaffed, and often going without needed supplies. The poor are often turned away. The breaking point for Lufafa was a day when a poor child was brought in convulsing with severe malaria. The child died in his arms because the hospital did not have the right medication to treat her. He had the knowledge to save this child’s life, but was unable to do it. ln that moment, he decided to start this ministry to help children have hope in their future. By the grace of God and the compassion of one Christian woman, Lufafa had hope. Because of one stranger’s compassion many years ago, children now are receiving love, an education, hope, and compassion.

Written by Judy Hardin of New Mexico

Lufafa is not only a nurse, he is also a pastor at his local church, Faith Christian Center. You can follow them on Facebook here.