June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018

Hello Friends!

So much has been happening!

Alex has met with an organization in Germany and will be meeting with them again about partnering with us. Be praying for the land title to come in without any issues and that the organization decides to partner with us. We are building the fence around the future children’s home.

Thank you to the Largo Public Library for allowing LCM to be part of their event. We talked to many wonderful people and hopefully we find a local champion to partner with us! Also, we raised $120 selling jewelry.

Thank you to Barry, Rose continues with her studies at the University. We are so happy for Rose!

Thank Jesus that Lufafa Emmanuel is ok after the car accident. Most of you have seen his post about it. Praying for the families for those involved and for those who are lost. We will be buying a ministry vehicle soon!

Also, First Cause, a nonprofit that is “focused on strategic pioneering through proactive leadership coaching” wants to host a conference in East Africa and we are asking for prayer for the conference to happen and for Lufafa to attend.

Also, the Government in Uganda has imposed more daily taxes on internet users. Many people are now unable to access the internet. Please keep Uganda and it’s leaders in your prayers. If you saw my recent post, you read about girls being kidnapped in Uganda as well. The enemy is working hard, so let’s keep praying!!

Thank you,

Jazmen and Lufafa