July 2018 Newsletter

July 2018

Hello Friends!

A year ago, I was visiting Lufafa and learning about life in Uganda.  I saw first hand all the amazing work that Lufafa has been able to do thanks to you being God’s provision. I continue to be inspired by each of you and full of faith that children will remain in school. Be praying for school fees to be paid.

This month we have started installing the fence posts!! God answered more prayers…we paid off the balance owed on the van, Lufafa will be stocking up on medical supplies, and we will have the gate for the fence paid for.

Lufafa is feeling much better since the car accident while he was taking a public taxi.

We have been praying for you all! Susan, Kathy, and David thank you for sharing your prayer requests with us!

Grace is wrapping up her internship with us and we can’t wait to read the stories. We hope her future is full of amazing adventures!

We are applying to be partners with Trades of Hope and praying for a videographer with travel with me the next time I go to see Lufafa. After the recent increases in taxes in Uganda for internet users, sending videos is even more costly. Lufafa has made some videos and once I receive them, I will send them to you!!

much love,