first quarter 2020

First Quarter of 2020

Hello friends and champions!

I’m so excited to say that 2020 started off quiet, but things are happening! We are installing a second water tank soon to make sure there is enough water to make it through the drough season. You may have heard about the locust swarms in East Africa. Thankfully, Lufafa’s area has not been affected and we are praying for those who have been affected by the swarms. We will be buying chickens and plenty of food for the children to make it through the drought season as well.

We added 4 new children to the home. We have 20 kids living and being cared for at the home, which we call ‘The Lighthouse’.  16 of the 20 children are double orphaned, meaning they have neither parent alive to care for them. We want to let you know that Lufafa does his due diligence to find relatives to care for the children before deciding to have them stay at The Lighthouse. We do this because we know it’s best for children to be with family, however we also know we need to care for orphans.

Lufafa bought a milking cow and has continued to grow the garden. Thanks to Joe, the children are learning to garden. LCM also bought a sewing machine. The children will also learn to sew. Rose has learned to make feminine products. Her goal is to make the products and give them to the people in Buluuta. We look forward to what Rose will do with her new skills and her heart to love others. Rose will also be graduating from college soon. Thank you to Barry for sponsoring Rose and sending her to college. LCM and the children are blessed to have her.

The German Organization, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Walldorf e.V.will continue to partner with us. The latest news is that they will be covering school fees. More information to come later.

Lufafa’s goal for this year is to build a burn clinic and for LCM to install a water well in Buluuta. These are big dreams but we have a loving Father who provides.

Other exciting news, Lufafa finished his year long Christian counseling program. I’m excited to hear how Lufafa will use his new knowledge to continue to help his community.

A reminder for two ways to help LCM, one through Realize Giving and Amazon Smile. You can learn more about them here.

Thank you for your prayers and giving. We couldn’t do this without you!


Jazmen and Lufafa