February 2018

February 2018

I decided to share a blog post for this newsletter.

First I want to let everyone know we have started working with Kelley Consulting to start working on applying for grants. If you would like to write a letter of support which provides a “compelling and persuasive reason why a funder should support your grant application or proposal.” Please email us and let us know!

How Jesus Got us Here

I was talking with Alex, a German friend, though we have yet to met in person and live on different continents, I marvel at how we met. Facebook. Alex and I were chatting today about how we met. He wrote that our connection is “a fellowship beyond friendship based on a common love for God and the mutual investment for the advancement of the Gospel.” How amazing is that?! Did I mention he was a pastor for a while at his church?!

Our testimonies are similar. Jesus saved us. He took our place. He died a brutal death on the cross. He loved us at our worst. He transformed us. He made our hearts new. We were both transformed by reading the book of James. We have both grown in what it means to give. We want others to know the love of Jesus and His transforming spirit. We both met Lufafa. Thank you Facebook.

Alex was intrigued by a picture of Lufafa Emmanuel standing next to an unfinished building that would one day become a clinic to those in Lufafa’s community. A building I would stay in during my trip to meet Lufafa.

The mural

I met Lufafa while reading Bob Goff’s book Love Does. If you haven’t read it, it’s a must read! I kept asking Lufafa questions and before I knew it he was a friend, a mentor, a brother. I decided to help Lufafa and his calling to help vulnerable children as much as I could. Money wasn’t something we had a lot of, so I used my time. I remember seeing the mural in person. The first $50 I sent to Lufafa and he decided to make the clinic (well it’s the old clinic now) inviting for children since his patients were mainly children.

After my trip to meet Lufafa, Alex reached out to talk with me. Alex ended up traveling to meet Lufafa four months after I did. Alex told me, “I ended up in the middle of nowhere due to a Facebook like.” We laughed. I remember telling Alex while laughing that I went to Africa alone to met Lufafa- a guy from Facebook. I knew God wanted me to go. Even though many people made it clear that I was crazy.

After that phone call, Alex helped us make a new website. Apparently, I had time to help Lufafa but didn’t possess the best website design skills.

The children in Buluuta in school

Alex has been a huge part in sending vulnerable children to school in Buluuta (a very poor area). Alex and his church has raised almost $10,000. Lufafa is about to buy land to build a children’s home instead of renting a small house. The home will be built so we can keep adding on to it.

Alex said, “God used Facebook. We had a Moses experience. Imagine Moses walking in the desert and thinking he got there because of a bush.”

We laughed at the realization of how amazing our Father is. Alex told me how Lufafa reminds him of Apostle Paul. Lufafa is joyful amidst what Westerners and Europeans would consider craziness while we have our comfortable lives. We have access to great medical care, clean water, and nice homes. The differences are mind-boggling.

I learned a lot about worship and church while in Uganda. The church was nothing I was used too. There were no doors, no windows. The floor was dirt, the chairs plastic. Wooden benches. No fancy kid rooms. No spectacular light show with expensive cameras and equipment. There was pure joy, worship, dancing, singing, praise, and scripture teaching.

This is the finished building from the first picture 🙂

Jesus wants all of us. He wants us to tell people about His love by loving them well. The children that Lufafa cares for are experiencing that love. They know that people who represent Jesus love them so much that they sacrifice to help care for them. These children are learning about the love of Jesus. We are praying that they grow up loving Jesus and He fulfills the dreams in their hearts. We pray that they love others and impact their communities in tremendous ways.