August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018

Hello Friends,

This month Grace Hooley finished up her internship with us! Check out our website and read her stories about LCM’s logo, how LCM started, and read a little about our board members.…/

Two Reminders:

Remember LCM if you shop Amazon. You shopping can support many of our different programs in Uganda. You the link below:

If you or someone you know is buying a home the sale could benefit LCM…

It’s Simple:

1. Sign up and we will send you a selection of great, local Realtors.

2. Choose your Realtor from the selection and work with them to buy or sell a home.

3. Choose Lord’s Compassion Ministry as the beneficiary by filling out a short application with 5 easy questions (see link below).

4. 20% of the Realtor’s commission will be donated at no additional cost to the home buyer.

Raising money for Education

Thank you for your prayers and support!! Our goal this month is to pay school fees. We are raising $2,700. Check out different ways you could help us keep children in school here.

Unfortunately school is not free in Mafubira or Buluuta. We know education is key to eradicating poverty. Help us keep vulnerable children in school!

You can be part of my party and buy jewelry /or decor at the link below to help support to raise $2,700

You can also Give Here

Jazmen and Lufafa