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Meet Andrew.

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This is his story. “Hello, I am Andrew Wakadubi, this is my life story.”

Andrew, a Ugandan native, was born in an impoverished family, being the last born out of three children. Andrew stated his parents were not educated and that each member of his family’s education did not go beyond the fifth grade. When Andrew and his siblings were young, their mother deserted the family and left their father to take care of them. Their grandmother then took in the children while Andrew’s father provided some support however, shortly after, he passed away due to HIV. His father was not able to receive treatment due to their poverty. Andrew’s father was very involved with helping Lufafa Emmanuel. Afterwards, family members took care of Andrew and his siblings, but neglected them. Andrew felt his life was going nowhere. “I used to cry asking God why I was born. God heard my cry.” Lufafa took Andrew in and cared for him. Lufafa paid school fees and invited Andrew to live with him. Andrew is happily living with Lufafa. Andrew planned on continuing his education, however, with his lack of education throughout the years, school personnel said he was too old to be in school. Andrew decided to put school on pause and focus on some hands on work and pursue dreams of attending mechanic school. He enjoys working with his hands and feels that even though he is not in the typical school setting, he is eager to learn. “I have a bright future. Thank you.”



Jazmen had the opportunity to meet Andrew during her visit to meet Lufafa in Uganda this past summer. Andrew was very helpful around the compound and he always had everyone laughing. He was shy at first and loved taking selfies. He is a huge help to Lufafa caring for the children at the children’s home. He will transport food and supplies, and clean. Andrew attends a local church, where Lufafa often preaches. Andrew is hopeful that God will fulfil his dream of mechanic school and will use him in powerful ways to bring hope to other children.

UPDATE: Andrew was enrolled in mechanic school and is loving it!   You can join us to help support and make an impact in the lives of children like Andrew.


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